High Temp


Strong and stiff material with high heat tolerance

• Overview

E-Perform is a high stiffness and high heat tolerance material ideal for producing 3D printed injection molds. Printed E-Perform molds are capable of resisting wear from highly abrasive materials, such as fiber filled plastics. It is also ideal for end use parts that require steady performance in high pressure and harsh environments, such as parts for wind tunnel testing.

Material Properties
Tensile Strength
87 MPa
Tensile Modulus​
9000 MPa
Elongation at Failure​
1.4 %
Heat Deflection Temperature
at 1.81 MPa 160°C
Key features
High heat tolerance
High stiffness
Fast printing, easy processing and finishing
High Accuracy
Excellent detail resolution
· E-Perform

Example Parts


Wind tunnel test piece

Wind tunnel test piece of an automotive part


Gear Mold

This mold is used to create nylon gears during the pilot run stage. Using a mold was beneficial as the final gear material could be used during the pilot run.

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