From Short Runs to Lights-Out Manufacturing

Today’s aerospace and defense sector is characterized by complex, feature-rich designs, high tooling costs, and critical production timelines.  With part costs, build speeds, accuracy, surface finish and material properties rivaling injection molding, ETEC is disrupting traditional manufacturing of end-use parts for aerospace and defense applications.  The geometric freedom, assembly consolidation and novel high-performance designs enabled by additive manufacturing, combined with AM’s tooling-free manufacturing, mass customization, and resilient supply chains are a game changer.

Whether you need hundreds of parts or hundreds of thousands, high-temperature, FST-rated components, ergonomic seat cushions, or interior panels and controls with surface finish rivaling injection molding, ETEC’s printing systems and materials enable additive manufacturing of parts for a broad range of aerospace and defense applications.

· Key Benefits

Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, and elastomers.

Superior Part Economics

With best-in-class build volumes and throughput, ETEC printers produce superior parts faster, and at a lower cost, than conventional manufacturing methods.

Streamlined Supply Chains

With ETEC, you can eliminate tooling costs and delays, match production rates to demand, minimize shipping and warehousing costs, and eliminate tariffs.

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Customer Stories

3D Composites

We make parts that go from outer space all the way to 10,000 feet below the ocean, and everywhere in between because of the versatility of the ETEC machines. In four months, we’ve probably done over 4,000 parts already. With the EnvisionOne, we can hold tolerances down to two-tenths of a millimeter, and the build time is just phenomenal for 3D printing – there’s nothing anywhere close to it. We’re excited to grow with envisionTEC, the technology is amazingly repeatable.
Kim Gustafson, Owner