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Today’s consumer products space is characterized by feature-rich designs and shorter product life cycles.  With part costs, build speeds, accuracy, surface finish and material properties finally rivaling injection molding, ETEC is disrupting traditional manufacturing of consumer products.  Additive manufacturing is a game changer – delivering unprecedented design creativity and business transformation through tooling-free manufacturing and a dramatically streamlined supply chain.

Whether you’re looking for thousands of mass-customized figurines, hundreds of thousands of new sporting goods, or millions of custom midsoles, ETEC’s printing systems and materials enable additive manufacturing of the broadest range of parts featuring ultra-fine features, incredibly crisp details, and best-in-class performance.

· Key Benefits

Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, and elastomers.

Superior Part Economics

With best-in-class build volumes and throughput, ETEC printers produce superior parts faster, and at a lower cost, than conventional manufacturing methods.

Streamlined Supply Chains

With ETEC, you can match production rates to demand, minimize shipping and warehousing costs, and eliminate tariffs.

· Customers

Trusted by the consumer goods industry

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This is truly cutting edge. … We create all of our custom hearing instruments this way ― which means millions of products for Sonova around the world in any given year.
Bill Lesiecki, Director of Business Services

Grant MacDonald Silversmiths

“ETEC printers have allowed, and continue to allow us to make the impossible, possible. 3D printing has become an integral part of our day-to-day silversmithing without taking away from the skill of the silversmiths. It has simply helped with every job and cut massive amounts of time on jobs. There is no going back.”
Grant MacDonald, Founder
· Consumer

Example Parts


Hair Dryer Attachment

This is a hair dryer attachment used to concentrate airflow.


Perfume Bottle

A perfume bottle with texturing used for prototyping and market testing.


Vacuum Button

This switch is used for turning a small hand vacuum on and off.


Electronics Housing

Half of a housing for a small electronics component.

· Systems

Our Systems

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