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Today’s automotive sector is characterized by complex, feature-rich designs, shorter product life cycles, and an increased commitment to sustainability.  With part costs, build speeds, accuracy, surface finish and material properties finally rivaling injection molding, ETEC is disrupting traditional manufacturing of end-use parts for automotive applications.  The geometric freedom, assembly consolidation and novel high-performance designs enabled by additive manufacturing, combined with tooling-free manufacturing, mass customization, and resilient supply chains are a game changer for the automotive sector.

Whether you need several hundred parts or several million high-temperature, under-the-hood parts, ergonomic seat cushions using best-in-class elastomers, or interior panels and controls with surface finish rivaling injection molding, ETEC’s printing systems and materials enable additive manufacturing of the broadest range of parts.

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Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, and elastomers.

Superior Part Economics

With best-in-class build volumes and throughput, ETEC printers produce superior parts faster, and at a lower cost, than conventional manufacturing methods.

Streamlined Supply Chains

With ETEC, you can match production rates to demand, minimize shipping and warehousing costs, and eliminate tariffs.

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Customer Stories

Visteon Corporation

The P4K printer has been an invaluable tool for us at Visteon Corporation. When we look to make a low volume prototype production, the surface quality and accuracy of the parts produced on the P4K, coupled with their durability, makes the parts usable in functional testing.
Jim Carlisle, Core Mechanical Engineer