Learn more about ETEC systems and the benefits of DLP polymer 3D printing technology.


Unlocking the Power of Differentiated Photopolymers: Revolutionizing 3D Printing for Next-Level Production

Learn how industry-leading material performance can help lead to applications that rival traditional production methods while offering manufacturing flexibility for business growth.

3D Printed Rubber: New Possibilities for Flexible Manufacturing

Watch this webinar with Aerosport Additive’s CEO Geoff Combs and Machine Operator Steve Clark to hear firsthand their experiences using Xtreme 8K digital light processing (DLP) 3D printer from ETEC with DuraChain™ Elastic Tough Rubber™ resin to offer tooling-free solutions that eliminate long lead times. Learn how they produce rubber parts tough enough for consistent use, yet soft enough to be pliable.

Introduction to DLP: Basics of Digital Light Processing

Digital light processing (DLP) is quickly emerging as a key technology to move the 3D printing of plastics from prototyping to mass production, delivering the material properties and part characteristics without the costs and delays of tooling.

Advances in DLP Allowing for Mass Production

Learn about the key features that are taking DLP to the next level and how this technology is allowing for mass production. In this webinar, learn how DLP works, see a variety of part examples and application uses and hear firsthand from one customer using DLP technology.

DLP 3D Printing as a Replacement for Traditional Polymer Manufacturing

DLP 3D printing enables users to overcome the challenges of traditional polymer manufacturing processes such as long lead times, high upfront costs, and the complex tooling design process. Learn how DLP technology works and the benefits over traditional methods.

Elastomeric Material Solutions for DLP 3D Printing

Explore the variety of flexible materials, from high-temperature plastics to industry-leading elastomers including Elastic Tough Ruber and Loctite. Learn about the DLP technology and how to find the right material solutions for your specific applications.