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Desktop production of high-resolution, jewelry, dental, and other small parts

• Overview

Introducing the D4K, the highest resolution professional-grade desktop 3D printer. In addition to having the fastest speed for a standard DLP printer, the D4K from ETEC delivers extremely accurate parts with the finest detail available. The D4K is compatible with most ETEC materials, including options suitable for end-use applications, dental, and jewelry.

The D4K Industrial is built on the most reliable 4K DLP projector and includes ETECs patented PSA assembly for low peel forces between layers. Brought to you by the original inventors of DLP 3D printing technology.


· Key Features

Easy to use

Desktop production of high-resolution, professional-quality parts with under two-minute materials changeover and easy job creation.

High accuracy and resolution

Accuracy down to 25 µm with the highest resolution of any 4K desktop 3D printer on the market, all in a desktop-sized package.

Accessible to all

Professional-grade 3D printing at one-third the operating cost of comparable systems.

· Feature 1

High accuracy and resolution

Built on an industrial 4K DLP chip, the D4K features the highest resolution of any 4K desktop 3D printer on the market.

Patented printing technology allows the D4K to deliver native resolution as low as 25µm in the X and Y axes to easily produce parts with incredibly fine features suitable for a host of applications – like jewelry, dental and consumer electronics – where accuracy is critical.

These high-precision parts have an exceptional surface finish thanks to a patented pixel tuning process resulting in a surface finish that requires little to no post-processing.

Made Possible By:
4K industrial DLP chip
Pixel tuning
· Feature 2

Easy to use

With few moving parts and easy to use software, the D4K makes it easier than ever to produce high-resolution, professional-quality parts.

Designed to be an easy to use desktop solution, the D4K makes it easy to set up your print jobs with an easy to use software that optimizes part orientation and support structures to maximize part success and throughput. With the ability to process a plethora of ETEC’s materials, changing material on the D4K is simple, taking less than 2 minutes.

Made Possible By:
Under two-minute material changes
Software-controlled workflow
Easy servicability
· Feature 3

Affordable industrial-grade printing

Professional-grade 3D printing at one-third the operating cost of comparable systems

Users no longer need to compromise between part quality, print speed and affordability. The D4K delivers professional-grade 3D printing at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems, bringing the benefits of additive manufacturing into reach for all designers and engineers.

Made Possible By:
Industrial DLP chip
Easy-to-use hardware
· Feature 4

Wide Material Compatability

The D4K has a material for every application, from ultra-high resolution hard plastics, to FDA-cleared dental materials, to castable waxes for jewelry.

Thanks to the D4K’s industrial DLP chip and high powered 385 nm light source, the printer is capable of efficiently printing a wide variety of materials. No matter what the application is; the D4K can print a material with the required properties. Unlike some competitive resin systems, shelf life of unused material is never a concern as any uncured resin can be easily stored and reused for months, enabling economic material usage. 

Using a 385-nm wavelength light source also allows the D4K to print incredibly clear materials.  While all UV curable resins require the addition of photoinitiators, those that are cured with 385 nm wavelength light require significantly less, because absorption peaks for most photoinitiators at that wavelength. Since photoinitiators are yellow, adding more to a material results in parts with a yellow tint.

Made Possible By:
Industrial DLP chip
385 nm wavelength light source
Long material shelf life

Customer Story

Underwater Audio

One of the major missing elements for the way we were designing things before was actually making our products manufacturable. With the D4K we are able to put parts together and make sure that someone can actually assemble the product that we are trying to make.
Scott Walker, Founder and CEO