Industry-Leading Materials for Mass Production

So, what do you want to print? All 3D printing starts with material selection — and ETEC has more choices, higher performance choices, and the option to go open-materials.

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, elastomers, and castable resins. We also offer open-material option that gives you the ultimate freedom.

So whether you need resins that rival leading thermoplastic materials; resilient elastomers featuring Shore A30 to A90 and elongation-at-break exceeding 400%; or a comprehensive library of FDA Class II biocompatible materials – ETEC has you and your applications covered

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An Open Materials Approach

An open-source 3D printer allows a user to easily process any material they believe to be compatible with the printer — even if that material is not qualified or certified as being compatible by the hardware company such as ETEC.

ETEC’s open-material option gives you the freedom to explore new materials, enables dual material systems so you can plan for low-risk redundancy, or develop your own materials! With tons of options, an ETEC printer offers incredible flexibility.

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The materials you need for end use parts

· Material Family 1

Hard Plastics

Create parts that meet or beat the properties of popular thermoplastics.

Key Benefits
High strength and stiffness
High ductility (>50% Elongation at break)
Excellent printability and throughput for volume end-use part production
· Material Family 2

High Temperature Plastics

With ETEC’s family of high temperature plastics, you get excellent mechanical properties with the added benefits of high heat deflection temperatures (HDT) and materials meeting aerospace vertical burn and FST standards.

Key Benefits
Heat deflection temperatures (HDT) exceeding 300°C
Elongation at break up to 25%
Tensile modulus up to 9,000 MPa
· Material Family 3


With ETEC’s family of elastomers, you get access to the toughest printed elastomers on the market with a range of hardnesses and elongations.

Key Benefits
One-part system for streamlined manufacturing workflow
Long pot life (6+ months)
30-90 Shore A hardness
High tear strength and elongation (up to 450% elongation at break)
Wide functional temperature range
· Material Family 4

Castable Resins

Resins designed for high-quality castings, providing intricate features and a seamless casting process.

Key benefits
Best-in-class feature detail
Highest paraffin content in the industry
Ash-free burnout cycle
Low expansion to eliminate flashing and investment cracks