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For machine design, additive manufacturing is a game changer – delivering unprecedented design freedom and business transformation through tooling-free manufacturing and a dramatically more streamlined supply chain.

Engineers can now consolidate large assemblies into fewer parts, design and fabricate parts and subsystems unattainable via conventional methods, explore multiple variations, and quickly move to production.

Whether you’re looking to produce hundreds of high-temperature clamps, thousands of clutch covers, tens of thousands of motor adapters, or millions of shaft fittings, ETEC’s printing systems and materials enable additive manufacturing of the broadest range of parts featuring ultra-fine features, incredibly crisp details, and best-in-class performance.

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Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high temperature plastics, and elastomers. The ETEC material library has been engineered for every environment and machine design application, including high temperature and high wear applications, power transmission systems, housings, and user interface components.

Superior Parts

ETEC’s printing systems enable additive manufacturing of the broadest range of machine design components – featuring ready to use parts that rival injection molded or machined finish, with ultra-fine features, incredibly crisp details, high performance and high reliability.

Superior Part Economics

With best-in-class build volumes and throughput, ETEC printers produce superior parts faster, and at a lower cost, than conventional manufacturing methods – allowing you to match production rates to demand, and minimize shipping and warehousing costs.

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From speed of printing to micron-level accuracy to surface finish, ETEC printers offer the widest range of benefits to the machine design industry. Add in a broad range of materials, from polymers to elastomers to high-temperature resins, and envisionTEC’s printed parts offer a host of benefits over molded parts for some applications. This technology is a game-changer for the industry – there are parts today that I wouldn’t even blink when it came to printing them.
Ricardo Bazzarella, Co-Founder