Learn more about how ETEC systems work and how ETEC customers are using polymer 3D printing to rewrite the rules of manufacturing.



A fish processing equipment manufacturer uses on-demand 3D printing to test for fit, functionality and final manufacturing without tooling investments. Rapid product development with 3D printing gets fish processing equipment to market faster.

Joseph K Jewelers

Using digital design tools and most cutting-edge 3D printing technology developed by ETEC, Joseph K. Jewelers is able to quickly quickly produce high quality, custom jewelry to a wide variety of customers.

Aerosport Additive

A service bureau that produces prototypes and working models for the automotive, aerospace, military, electronics and consumer industries turns to DLP technology to expand their portfolio.

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

Award winning production company and animation studio invests in 3D printing technology to help create characters.

Underwater Audio

Electronics company that invents, manufactures and distributes underwater electronics, including headphones and smart devices for swimmers.


A manufacturer of super-reference class headphones that uses 3D printing to mass customize headphones to ensure a proper fit.

Berlin Packaging

A packaging company specializing in the design of custom glass, plastic and metal containers across a broad range of industries.

Joseph K Jewelers

Jeweler using 3D printing technology to produce high-quality, custom jewelry for a variety of customers.

P5 Designers

A design and development studio that uses 3D printing to create prototypes and iterate on products ranging from toys to medical equipment.

Tenco DDM

Industrial service bureau specializing in small to micro prototype parts across a wide range of industries.


Industrial service bureau creating prototype parts for everything from consumer goods to medical devices.

Grant Macdonald

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke luxury goods, from cutlery to men’s accessories and more.