Castable Resins

ETEC castable resins address the three key issues with precision castings: achieving fine feature detail, an ash-free burnout cycle, and requiring minimal post-processing.  ETEC castable resins feature the highest wax content in the industry (90%), resulting in a clean casted part with no porosity or flashing – minimizing post-processing, and eliminating the need for filling voids.

EasyCast 2.0

Castable material with the highest wax content available in 3D printing

Easy Cast 2.0 is a breakthrough material for the high-speed printing of a castable models. Easy Cast 2.0 is a photopolymer with the highest wax content available in 3D printing today. What’s more, because of the addition of special hardeners, Easy Cast 2.0 delivers exceptionally crisp features, similar to ETEC’s low- and no-wax materials — from the smallest of pierced filigrees to the sharpest of corners on raised surfaces.

Material Properties


Viscosity 200 cP at 30°C
Density 1.08 g/cm^3 at 25°C
Color Yellow

WIC 100 Series

High-resolution, castable material with nano-wax for clean burn out

With 20% powder wax content, WIC 100 delivers fine print details and fast printing speeds, along with a standard wax burn-out cycle with regular gypsum investment. During the burn-out cycle, the nano-wax melts away first allowing the resin to burn off without excessive expansion.

Material Properties


Tensile strength 14.8 MPa
Ignition Temperature 300°C
Density 1.32 g/cm^3
Color Green


Castable material for direct investment casting with low thermal expansion

Epic has been developed for direct investment casting of products for the jewelry market. It offers excellent burn out properties and builds with the highest quality and crisp detail. Parts made using Epic evaporate at moderate burn-out temperatures without reacting with your investment and offer an extremely low thermal expansion. This material is optimally suitable for producing precious metal castings.

Material Properties


Viscosity 361.7 cP at 30°C
Density 1.178 g/cm^3 at 25°C
Ignition Temperature 350°C

PIC 100

Non-wax material for patterns that require sharp details or delicate filigree.

Parts made using PIC 100 resins evaporate at moderate burnout temperatures without reacting with investment. They are optimally suitable for producing precious metalcastings. PIC 100 resins build tough and easy to finish. The burnout process is ash free, allowing for a casting which is free from porosity.

Material Properties


Viscosity 361.7 MPa
Density 1.178 g/cm^3
Elongation at Failure 1.3%
Ignition Temperature 350°C
Color Amber

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