On-demand production for the world’s toughest environments

Today’s heavy industries sector is characterized by complex, feature-rich designs, high tooling costs, challenging functional requirements, and critical production timelines.  With part costs, build speeds, accuracy, surface finish and material properties rivaling injection molding, ETEC is disrupting traditional manufacturing of end-use parts for heavy industry applications.  The geometric freedom, assembly consolidation and novel high-performance designs enabled by additive manufacturing, combined with tooling-free, on-demand manufacturing are a game changer.

Whether you need short runs of replacement parts, hundreds of thousands of high-temperature, FST-rated components or subassemblies for corrosive environments, ETEC’s printing systems and materials enable additive manufacturing of parts for a broad range of heavy industry applications.

· Key Benefits

Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high-temperature plastics, and elastomers.

Superior Part Economics

With best-in-class build volumes and throughput, ETEC printers produce superior parts faster, and at a lower cost, than conventional manufacturing methods.

Streamlined Supply Chains

With ETEC, you can eliminate tooling costs and delays, match production rates to demand, and minimize shipping and warehousing costs.

· Customers

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Customer Stories

Weatherly Casting and Machine Company

Our journey into additive manufacturing started (in 2014.) We’re very satisfied with it. It’s producing surface finish with at least the same quality as normal product, with no degradation of surface quality, slightly better. In making it a casting, we can put metal where they need it. We can replicate whatever shape they can draw. It opens up a lot of opportunities to make designs strong where they need to be strong and light where they need to be light. It’s a force multiplier. As an engineer and somebody who advocates change, I’m excited to have it here. It’s exciting to see guys embrace it because of what it offers them.
Tony Badamo, President

Bowles Fluidics

Since we purchased (our printer) we have made over 4,600 parts. This far exceeds our expectations for the laboratory in general. Engineering has really come to enjoy the machine, prepping samples for customer design reviews, in-vehicle trials and other things that we were never able to even consider prior to its purchase. Our consumer products group has even used the prototypes for limited consumer trials instead of soft tooling.
Alan Romack, Senior Project Engineer
· Heavy Industry

Example Parts


Fluid Manifold

This manifold takes one input stream and splits it into 3 output streams.


Locking water pump cap

A water pump cap designed a looking mechanism used as a part in a water pump for the agriculture industry.


Fan Casing

This casing is used to house a fan in a cooling system for a chemical processing system.


Spray Nozzle

This nozzle sprays input fluid as a fine mist for better absorption.

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