On-demand tooling for your production line

It can easily take months – or even longer – to stand up a new production line.  Due to their complex geometry and relatively low production volume, manufacturing aids are typically CNC machined, but limited capacity in both machines and operators can lead to bottlenecks.  By quickly producing manufacturing tooling – jigs, fixtures and mold inserts – ETEC’s DLP printers help dramatically reduce tooling lead time and cost, allowing companies to move new designs quickly to production, reducing downtime across the manufacturing floor.

ETEC supports a broad range applications across the manufacturing floor, from injection molding inserts, stamping dies and forming tools to geometrically-complex end effectors created from hard plastics, rubbers, or silicone and tailored for every step of the manufacturing operation to tooling for high temperature applications and food-safe materials.

· Key Benefits

Industry-leading Materials

Through in-house developed proprietary materials and strategic partnerships with leading materials suppliers, ETEC’s library of 190+ materials offers the broadest choice across hard plastics, high temperature plastics, and elastomers.

Superior Parts

ETEC’s printing systems enable additive manufacturing of the broadest range of tooling components – featuring ultra-fine features, incredibly crisp details, and high performance throughout the manufacturing floor.

Maximize uptime

With ETEC, you can eliminate tooling costs and delays, quickly bring up new production lines, and keep the manufacturing floor running smoothly.

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Hypro EU

We used the (P4K) to build the precision parts from which we could then build a rapid tool to create test parts in the exact production material before committing to the expense of the production tool.This was a key part of the development process and allowed us to achieve the optimum design. Ultimately the (P4K) saved – and continues to save – us time and money. Beyond that, the accuracy of the (P4K) system allows us to provide our customers with a superior design and a more reliable product. You cannot put a price on customer satisfaction.
Trevor Swan, Principal Engineer