Learn more about ETEC systems and the benefits of DLP polymer 3D printing technology.


Differentiated Materials Target End-Use Component Production

We’ve tailored a resin portfolio for the Xtreme 8K with differentiated photopolymers that serve the material requirements of end-use products. Targeting some of the best property sets available, these premium materials are available on the Xtreme 8K, the largest DLP build volume on the market. Read for an overview of the industry-leading materials available on the Xtreme 8K:


Revolutionary, Expandable 3D Printable Resin Designed for Volume Production of Foam Parts FreeFoam is a new family of photopolymer resins that produces durable and dimensionally accurate closed cell foam parts without tooling – delivering all-new benefits for the automotive, furnishing, footwear, sporting goods, health care and other industries.

Five Reasons Why Universities are Investing in DLP 3D Printers

Investing in DLP technology from ETEC increases the quality of education by allowing students the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience directly producing the parts they design. As 3D printing continues to emerge as a key creative force and manufacturing technology, it is critical academic organizations include it in their curricula to inspire the next-generation of professionals and avoid leaving students at a disadvantage as they enter the workforce.

Education and Polymer 3D Printing

An increasing number of industries are working with additive manufacturing technologies to innovate and optimize. Download the brochure to learn how investing in 3D printing systems allows students to gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Reducing Development Times and Getting to Market Faster with DLP Technology

Learn how design teams use digital light processing (DLP) technology to 3D print prototypes with fast turnarounds and no tooling that enables more design iterations at lower costs and optimizes products while getting them to market faster.


Designed for top quality polymer 3D printing with a high ROI from reliable ETEC digital light processing (DLP) technology. The Pro XL can run lights-out, with little to no user intervention required. Easily scale from prototype to print parts at volume with the quality, surface finish, and tolerances needed for end-use applications.

Xtreme 8K

The Xtreme 8K offers a can-do build volume of more than 66 liters paired with two proprietary, high-intensity light engines that cure a complete print layer with a single flash of UV light. This powerful package enables production-grade printing for diverse and demanding jobs, from very large parts to lots of smaller components.

Ultimate Guide to DLP

This 26 page comprehensive guide provides a technical overview of digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing, along with the latest on top-down printing and new types of photopolymer resins that deliver durable, elastomeric material properties, including closed-cell foams