High Temperature Plastics

Across a broad range of industries and applications, ETEC’s high temperature plastics feature best-in-class strength and durability.

So whether you’re looking to print injection molds and wind tunnel models, or mass-produce aerospace connectors, electronic housings, ducts, or underhood components – ETEC has you and your applications covered!


Strong and stiff material with high heat tolerance

E-Perform is a high stiffness and high heat tolerance material ideal for producing 3D printed injection molds. Printed E-Perform molds are capable of resisting wear from highly abrasive materials, such as fiber filled plastics. It is also ideal for end use parts that require steady performance in high pressure and harsh environments, such as parts for wind tunnel testing.

Material Properties


Tensile Strength 87 MPa
Tensile Modulus 9000 MPa
Elongation at Failure 1.4 %
Heat Deflection Temperature at 1.81 MPa 160°C


High-strength and high-elongation plastic with good impact resistance and an HDT of 100°C

LOCTITE IND406 is a tough, rigid, and durable material that performs well in industrial applications requiring high-temperature resistance. The material offers all-around strength, good impact resistance, and high elongation. IND406 is a great alternative for traditional injection molded plastics such as ABS and PP. The stiffness, toughness, and thermal durability of this material make it ideal for the production of end-use parts across all industries.

Material Properties


Tensile Strength 55 MPa
Tensile Modulus 1610 MPa
Elongation at Failure 25 %
Heat Deflection Temperature at 0.455 MPa 107°C

HTM 140

Molding material designed for high-temperature and high-pressure applications

ETEC’s HTM140 High-Temperature Mold Material is an ideal material for manufacturers; with a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight out of the machine, high-definition parts printed in HTM140 can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master. Similarly, it can be used in a variety of applications that require thermal resistance such as items to be metalized, high-temperature oil and gas applications or tools for small-run injection molding.

Material Properties


Tensile Strength 56 MPa
Flexural Modulus 3350 MPa
Elongation at Failure 3.5 %
Heat Deflection Temperature at 0.455 MPa 140°C


High-temperature resistant material for end use parts and tooling, including molds

LOCTITE® 3D IND147 delivers high stiffness and toughness while withstanding temperatures up to 230°C. This material is an excellent choice for a range of applications, such as tooling (molds) and the production of high-temperature end use parts.

Material Properties


Tensile Strength 75 MPa
Tensile Modulus 3192 MPa
Elongation at Failure 3%
Heat Deflection Temperature at 0.455 MPa 238 C

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