Photopolymer Material Portfolio Tailored to Industrial Performance

The Pro XL makes precision 3D printing of polymer resins available in a compact, affordable package. With premium features like a 385 nm wavelength that efficiently processes a variety of materials and a 5 mW/cm2 power source that cures resins faster with crisp details, the Pro XL is a scalable solution for ultra-high-resolution end-use parts available at less than half the price of competitive offerings. 

Based on the team at ETEC’s decades of experience with digital light processing (DLP) technology, the Pro XL was developed to deliver consistent accuracy and high throughput. The platform allows manufacturers to scale from prototype to production and keep manufacturing on schedule. A 65-micron native pixel size over a competitive build area meets the needs of applications in a wide range of industries. 

And because the Pro XL is such a versatile production tool, we’ve tailored a material portfolio with the performance to meet the needs of a range of industrial applications. Targeting some of the best property sets available, our list of qualified premium materials allows customers to embrace the benefits of 3D printing without sacrificing performance.

Read on for an overview of the industry-leading materials available on the Pro XL:

Hard and High-Temperature Plastics

Henkel LOCTITE® 3D 3843 Black

An ABS-like photopolymer, LOCTITE 3D 3843 is an easy-to-process material with a balanced combination of  tensile strength, elongation at break, impact strength, and heat resistance. It’s versatile and ideal for semi-flexible, engineered end-use parts.

Because its properties makes it great for a wide variety of applications, LOCTITE 3D 3843 is a great material to start with in our portfolio. It’s easy for our team of experts to guide users to one of our other resins if a specific material property is targeted (i.e. more flexible, more heat resistant, etc.).

Henkel LOCTITE® 3D IND 405 Clear

LOCTITE 3D IND 405 is a non-brittle photopolymer similar to polypropylene known for its toughness, impact resistance, and elongation at break of nearly 100%​. The resin prints translucent and can be polished to high optical transparency, making it ideal for applications that benefit from clear walls such as bottling for packaging line validation.

Evonik INFINAM® ST6100L

The highest-strength photopolymer on the market, Evonik INFINAM ST6100L features the high dimensional stability and temperature resistance robust enough for indoor and UV environments. A photopolymer similar to a glass-filled nylon that can be machined, INFINAM ST 6100L has a leading Tensile Stress at Break (90 MPa) and combination of temperature, water, and UV resistance, making it a great choice for a wide range of applications.

BASF Ultracur3D® RG 3280

BASF Ultracur3D RG 3280 is a ceramic-filled composite material with extremely high stiffness and superior temperature resistance. Its high modulus of elasticity and heat deflection temperature have been tested against many different chemical environments. Ultracur3D RG 3280 is the ideal material for injection molding and wind tunnel test parts.


ETEC’s HTM 140 high-temperature mold resin is an ABS-like material designed for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. With a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight off the machine, high-definition parts can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master. Similarly, it can be used in a variety of applications that require thermal resistance such as items to be metalized, high-temperature oil and gas applications, or tools for small-run injection molding.

ETEC E-RigidForm Charcoal

E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints strong, hard, and stiff end-use parts. It has high tensile strength, delivers good heat deflection, and is water-resistant, making it a versatile and tough material for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.

Castable Resins


PIC 100 is a no-wax material featuring great burnout properties that produce the highest-quality castable jewelry patterns. Tough and easy to finish, the photocured resin was designed for rapid production of direct investment casting applications with extremely smooth surfaces. PIC 100 is ideal for small castings that require very high fidelity and filigree.

ETEC Easy Cast 2.0

A breakthrough material for the high-speed printing of castable models. Easy Cast 2.0 is a photopolymer with the highest wax content available in 3D printing to prevent expansion during the casting process. Ideal for castings with larger surface areas, Easy Cast 2.0 delivers crisp features.

Learn more about the Pro XL

With an industrial build size, premium printing quality, and affordable upfront price without annual leases, the Pro XL is a versatile production tool in any manufacturing facility. What’s more, our portfolio of AM 2.0 solutions offers a roadmap to scale from prototyping and low-volume manufacturing to mass production on the ETEC Xtreme 8K within the same technology ecosystem.

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