DuraChain™ Elastic ToughRubber™ 90

Tough, high-strength rubber with shore A90 hardness and high elongation, ideal for a wide range of applications

• Overview

DuraChain™ Elastic ToughRubber™ (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing for the rubber, polyurethane, and foam industries. ETR 90 is a high strength rubber which makes it great for applications like vibration dampening components, seals, and baffles

Material Properties
Shore A 90
Tear Strength
38 kN/m
Elongation at Break
Tensile Stress at Break
14 MPa
Key Features
One-part, one-pot (no mixing required)
High elongation
Extremely tough
Feels and performs like rubber
Large part size possible, high resolution, smooth surface, and black color
· ETR90

Example Parts


Bike Handle

This bicycle grip was printed to functionally evaluate various textures in a looks-like, feels-like material before investing in a mold for high volume production.


Popless Tire

This tire is for a remote-controlled inspection vehicle. Since the vehicle is controlled remotely there is no way to repair it if something breaks. To ensure the tire never goes flat, a popless tire was used that features no air.



This pulley is pressed into an outer casing to provide stiffness and vibration dampening on the rotating components.

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