Hard Plastic

Evonik INFINAM® ST 6100 L

Stiff, tough, heat-resistant material with properties similar to a glass-filled nylon

• Overview

 Evonik INFINAM® ST 6100 L is a stiff, tough, heat-resistant material that can be printed in high resolution with excellent surface finish for end-use parts. The material is ideal for a variety of applications, including housings, manufacturing fixtures, electrical connectors, alignment jigs and more.

Material Properties
Tensile Strength
89 MPa
Tensile Modulus
3200 MPA
Elongation at Break
Impact Strength
(Notched) 22 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature
at 0.455 MPa (C) 120°C
Key Features
High stiffness
High toughness
High heat deflection temperature
· Systems

Our Systems

  • Printer technology
  • Build envelope
  • Models
  • XY Resolution
  • Z Resolution

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