High Temp

LOCTITE 3D IND147 HDT230 Tough

High-temperature resistant material for end use parts and tooling, including molds

• Overview

LOCTITE® 3D IND147 delivers high stiffness and toughness while withstanding temperatures up to 230°C. This material is an excellent choice for a range of applications, such as tooling (molds) and the production of high-temperature end use parts.

Material Properties
Tensile Strength
75 MPa
Tensile Modulus
3192 MPa
Elongation at Failure
Heat Deflection Temperature
at 0.455 MPa 238 C
Key Features
High heat deflection
High toughness
Excellent surface finish
· LOCTITE 3D IND147 HDT230 Tough

Example parts


Locking water pump cap

A water pump cap designed a looking mechanism used in a water pump for the agriculture industry.


Serrated end fitting

A serrated end fitting used for a hose connection in an automotive painting assembly line.


Replacement gear mold

This injection-mold core is inserted into a Multi Unit Die (MUD) for a low-volume injection molding run of ABS plastic.

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