Hard Plastic

Loctite MED 413

Tough, medical-grade photopolymer capable of meeting biocompatibility standards

• Overview

LOCTITE® MED413 is a medical-grade, high-modulus photopolymer capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 & -10 standards for biocompatibility that delivers excellent flexural and tensile properties. Stiffness combined with toughness makes this material ideal for use in a wide variety of impact-resistant medical devices.

Material Properties
Tensile Strength
40 MPa
Tensile Modulus
1600 MPa
Elongation at Break
Impact Strength (Notched)
59 J/m
Heat Deflection Temperature
at 0.455 MPa 70°C
Key Features
Capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 & -10 standards for biocompatibility
Outstanding surface finish
Excellent properties for end-use parts
· MED413

Example Parts


Pulse Oximeter

A medical device housing used for for at home measurements of heart rate


Medical Device Handle

A two-part medical device housing for a tumor ablation device.


Luer Fitting

Small tubing connector that secures leak-proof unions in medical devices.

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