DuraChain™ Soft ToughRubber™

Soft, flexible and functional silicone-like parts with fine print feature detail

• Overview

DuraChain™ Soft ToughRubber™ (STR) delivers the feel and mechanical properties of silicone with the ability to be 3D printing at high resolution with amazing surface finish. Soft Tough Rubber is great for applications such as audio earbuds, wearable electronics, and anatomical medical models.

Material Properties
Shore A 28.6
Tear Strength
5 kN/m
Elongation at Break
Tensile Stress
at Break 1.5 MPa
Key Features
One-part, one-pot (no mixing required)
Soft AM photopolymer (Shore A 28.6)
Silicone/TPE feel
High strain, tensile strength, and toughness
Large part size possible, high resolution, smooth surface, and black color
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Our Systems

  • Printer technology
  • Build envelope
  • Models
  • XY Resolution
  • Z Resolution

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